Pueblo, CO, Medal of Honor recipient, the late William
Crawford;Lt. General Carol Mutter; Colorado Springs,
CO, Medal of Honor recipient, Peter "Pete" C. Lemon,
and Ruben Archuleta
Night time view of the Medal of Honor statues at
the Pueblo Convention Center.  Pueblo, CO, has
four Medal of Honor recipients: William "Bill"
Crawford, Carl Sitter, Raymond "Jerry" Murphy
and Drew Dix.  This city is also known as "The

Home of Heroes
Pueblo, CO, Medal of Honor recipient, Drew Dix with
Purple Heart recipient and fellow Puebloan, Jose Baca
Legendary Texas Ranger, Joaquin Jackson
visiting Ruben in Pueblo, CO.  Joaquin and Ruben
were classmates at the FBI National Academy in
1978.  Joaquin's book "One Ranger" is doing well
and he has published his second book, "One
Ranger Returns".  He appeared in the movie
"The Good Old Boys" with Tommy Lee Jones and
has appeared in other movies.
The late Paul Harvey with his late wife, Angel, attending
the 2000 Medal of Honor convention in Pueblo, CO.
Parade Magazine's former editor, Larry Smith with Medal of
Honor recipients, the late Jerry Murphy, Hiroshi Miyamura
and Pete Lemon.  Larry, author of
Beyond Glory, was in
Pueblo, CO, for a book signing and dinner with friends.
"Tunnel Rat" Pete Rejo and Ruben with
Medal of Honor recipient, Drew Dix.
Ruben and Joan Archuleta with the late Jerry
Murphy and his wife Mary Ann  at their
Albuquerque, NM, home.
Ruben Archuleta greets Ross Perot at the Pueblo,
CO, Convention Center during the 2004 premier of
Beyond the Medal of Honor documentary
Former boxing champ, Gene Fulmer with Medal of
Honor recipients, Harvey "Barney" Barnum, Jr.
and Drew Dix in Pueblo West, CO
Medal of Honor recipient and World War II ace, the
late Joe Foss with Ruben and Joan.  Joe Foss was the
former governor of South Dakota, Joan's home state
Lt. General Ricardo Sanchez during his 2008
visit to Ruben's home in Pueblo West, Colorado
Ruben and Joan with Daniel Valdez at the 2008 premier
of "A Song of Pueblo," produced and directed by
Valdez.  The oratorio played to a sold-out house at the
Pueblo, CO, Sangre de Cristo Arts & Conference
Center.  Danny is a renowned singer, song writer, and
actor who has appeared in
La Bamba, Zoot Suit and  
Canciones de Mi Padre  with Linda Ronstadt
Medal of Honor recipients and former POW's; the late
Jim Stockdale and his wife, Sybil; Leo Thorsness and
wife Gaylee, with Ruben and Joan at a MOH
recipient, Drew Dix get-together in Pueblo, CO
Medal of Honor recipients, Drew Dix and Salvatore
Giunta and Ruben after breakfast at the Archuleta
home in Pueblo West, CO
CSI New York's Gary Sinise with Ruben at the
Center for American Values event on the Riverwalk
in Pueblo, CO honoring the 9/11 responders and all
firefighters, law enforcement, and our military.  Gary
and Medal of Honor recipient, Drew Dix, are ardent
suporters of our military and public safety
3 Amigos: (L.) Medal of Honor recipient Drew Dix,
Ruben, (R.) Texas Ranger Joaquin Jackson