Agua Ramon, Colorado
Morada de San Jose
The Morada de San Jose is located in the village of Agua Ramon near South Fork, Colorado.  Although the
number of men belonging to the morada (the
Hermanos) and the women's auxiliary (the Paduanas) continues
to decline, the membership makes up for it in spirit.  The morada is neatly maintained and during the month
of September the Penitente community celebrates the Day of our Lady of Sorrows which has been attended
by the Diocese of Pueblo, CO, Bishop Arthur Tafoya.   Priests, Deacons, and
Hermanos from the moradas in
southern Colorado and northern New Mexico join worshipers and curious onlookers alike for the
procession and fine meals supplied and served by attendees.  My wife, Joan, and I were invited to meet
with the
Hermanos and to visit their morada by Alfred Medina, a local supporter of the morada and the
Hemanos.  Hermano Mayor, Edward Vigil and Hermano Jose Sisneros gave us a tour of the Agua Ramon
La Mision de San Jose, the Morada de San Jose, and the cemetery which was close by.  After eating
lunch with the
Hermanos we bid them farewell, a fitting end to a memorable day with the Hermandad and
other new-found friends.  Many thanks to Larry and Libby Ruybal from Pueblo, CO, for their photos of the
procession and gathering during the celebration of Our Lady of Sorrows.
La Morada de San Jose and the
Our Lady of Sorrows procession
Hermano Jose Sisneros and Hermano
Edward Vigil walking towards
Morada de San Jose
Entrance to the altar room from
the  main hall of the morada.  The
Hermanos receive their meals in
this hall during Holy Week and
other occassions
Hermano Mayor Edward Vigil, on the
left, and
Hermano Jose Sisneros
stand before the altar adorned with
Calvarios (Arma Christis) a
candleabraum, and several santos
Hermano Jose Sisneros lights
candles on the morada altar.  
Hermano Mayor Edward Vigil
invited those of us touring the
morada to join him and
Jose to kneel and join him in
prayer before we left the morada
Santos on display during the Our Lady of Sorrows day
El Calvario (Arma Christi) near the morada
Hermanos from northern New Mexico and
southern Colorado join in the procession
going to
El Calvario and then back to the
Hermanos recite their prayers
and sing their
alabados (hymns) during
the procession which culminates with a
service by Bishop Arthur Tafoya
Bishop Tafoya kisses the Cross as other
participants make their way to the Calvario.
A Paduana kisses the cross as
the other priests and particpants
take part in the ritual