Latino Lifetime Achievement Award
The Latino Chamber Development Corporation,
Pueblo, Colorado,
presented on behalf of the  Board of Directors and the Community, the Latino
Lifetime Achievement Award  to
Ruben E. Archuleta
at CSU-Pueblo on October 23, 2008
Ceramic plaque by noted artist, Ken Williams,
depicts Ruben Archuleta as a young sailor, rookie
police officer, and Chief of Police.  The smaller
insets show some of his sculpture work, the books
he has published and Archuleta wearing a black
robe while participating in the Penitente Holy
Week procession known as "El Encuentro"
The Latino Chamber Lifetime Achievement
Wall by Pueblo artist, Ken Williams, at
CSU-Pueblo.  Previous recipients include
educator Eva Baca, businesswoman Carla
Barela, WW II hero Pete Jimenez, former
Councilman Henry Reyes, former school
superintendent  Dr. Edmund Vallejo, and
former municipal judge Joe Ulibarri
Ruben E. Archuleta and his wife,
Joan, pose in front of the Lifetime
Achievement wall with Colorado
State Supreme Court Justice Alex
Martinez.  Justice Martinez was
the keynote speaker at Archuleta's
awards ceremony
Ambassador of the Year
Southeastern Colorado Heritage Center
The Ambassador of the Year Award was given
to Archuleta for providing his  Native
American and Spanish artifact collection to
the Southeastern Colorado Heritage Center
and for his many contributions to the Center
Pueblo Friends of the NRA
Award 2004
Outstanding Alumnus Award
The Outstanding Alumnus Award was presented to
Archuleta by the University of Southern Colorado
(CSU-Pueblo) in 1995.  Dana Perrino, former
Whitehouse Press Secretary, received the
CSU-Pueblo Outstanding Alumna Award in 2008.  Dana
is now a regular on Fox News channel "The Five"
Professional of the Year
Latino Chamber of Commerce
Professional of the Year awarded to
Ruben E. Archuleta
at the University of Southern Colorado (CSU-Pueblo) 1995
This beautiful, original watercolor  by
noted artist, John Mendoza, was
awarded to Ruben Archuleta when he
received the Latino Chamber of
Commerce Professional of the Year
Award in 1995