Canes, grips and Things
The latest projects and recipients
I made this cane for my Medal of Honor
recipient buddy, Drew Dix.  The shaft is made
from osage orange and the handle is elk antler
shed.  The antler is trimmed with turquoise
and a carved eagle head  fashioned from
pipestone and deer antler.  The antler crown is
inlaid with Drew's unit insignia which he wore
in Vietnam where he earned the Medal of
Honor.  Drew is one of four Medal of Honor
recipients from Pueblo Colorado.  He is the
co-founder of the Center for American Values
which is located on the riverwalk in downtown
Pueblo, Colorado
The cane pictured above displays the
Medal of Honor Society insignia.  The
cane was made for World War II Medal
of Honor recipient, George Sakato.  
George is a frequent visitor to the
Center for American Values
Another Medal of Honor recipient buddy,
Pete Lemon, poses with the cane that I
made for him.  This cane, like the other
canes that I made for our other heroes, has
Pete's unit insignia inlaid in the crown of
the antler.  Canadian born Pete is a
Vietnam veteran and is our "adopted"
Pueblo Medal fo Honor recipient
This cane has a USMC insignia inlaid in
the crown and a cross inlaid on the side
of the antler.  The cross is made from
the Twin Towers steel which was
destroyed by terrorists on 9/11
This Marine Corps cane was made for the
Pueblo, CO Marine Corps League in
appreciation for inducting Medal of
Honor recipient, Drew Dix, and me into
their League as honorary members.
1911 with Texas star pins inlaid
into the elk antler grips
1911 grips with the FBI
National Academy pins
inlaid in the elk antler
1911 with a Vietnam
veteran's insignia inlaid
in the elk antler grips
The right side of this walnut grip
with a laser-engraved
silohouette of the USS Ingersoll
The left side of the grip
has "Vietnam" engraved
for our '65 tour of Vietnam
The grips for this 1911
were made from moose
antler sheds
This bear claw necklace is made
from deer antler tips, elk
antler, pipestone, turquoise and
decorative beads
An old rotting piece of cottonwood
became a buzzard.  The head and
neck were polished with beeswax
and inlaid with turquoise eyes
Jesus praying in the Olive
Garden was sculpted from a
cottonwood trunk for the
Sangre de Cristo Arts Center
I originally made this knife from a file
while off the coast of Vietnam.  I
recently put this antler handle on it
This knife exhibit piece is mde from an
unusual flat deer antler.  It
accompanies my antler cane
I try to use up every piece of
antler so I make jewelry
with the smaller pieces
My "well-used" cane which is made
from deer antler, pipestone,
turquoise and an osage orange shaft
The crown of thorns is
made from barbed-wire on
this 6 foot crucifix
The bowl of this peacepipe is
carved from pipestone.  It is
trimmed with antler and feathers
This cedar rattlesnake has
numerous inlaid turquoise pieces
and pipestone rattlers
Small cottonwood branches
were carved into red chile
peppers for our ristras
We veneered our porch
with stone then mounted
tile lights and tile numbers
Another cottonwood chile
pepper ristra for our
greenhouse/storage shed
Firing up our adobe oven
"horno" for baking tasty
home-made bread
We built the adobe oven and wall from
recycled 60 year-old adobes that we
transported from the San Luis Valley
The fruit of our labor,
delicious home-made
bread with butter
These antler-osage orange
canes were made for the
WWII Navajo Talkers
I hand carved and built this
pistol crossbow while we were
off the coast of Vietnam
The two foot crucifix is
sculpted from apple wood,
cedar and deer antler
I picked up these large redwood slabs
in California.  The table legs are made
from local, gnarled cottonwood
This crucifix representing
the Holy Trinity is sculpted
from one piece of cottonwood