13" beetle-kill pine crucifix
22" Pine & scrub oak crucifix
23" beetle-kill pine crucifix
72" cedar tree crucifix
with Sacred Heart
sculpted above the
INRI plaque. The body
of Jesus is made from
the trunk of a pine
tree and the arms are
sculpted from the
branches. The crown
of thorns on Jesus
and the Sacred heart
are made from antique
barbed wire

33" beetle-kill pine & scrub oak (sold)
41" beetle-kill pine and aged cottonwood Crucifix
Assorted 13" aged wood & turquoise crosses
18" crucifix on 36" black walnut aged slab
17" x 10" Catlinite (pipestone)
crucifix $175.00
6" catlinite (pipestone) & turquoise cross
18" x 10 " scrub oak & antique barbed wire cross
44" beetle-kill pine and aged cottonwood Crucifix,
especially made for the San Antonio, CO Morada
(not for sale)
12"  crucifix sculpted from
one piece of beetle-kill
pine  (sold)