Former Congressman Scott McInnis speaks to
attendees during Archuleta's book signing at the
Pueblo Convention Center.  (l. to. r.)
reporter, Juan Espinosa; Colorado
Director of Public Safety, Ari Zavaras and Ruben
Archuleta look on as  McInnis speaks
Ruben speaking to the news media at the Pueblo,
Colorado Convention Center during his
I Came From El Valle book signing in 1999
Archuleta discussing his book, I Came From El Valle with radio
personality, the late Paul Harvey during his visit to Pueblo,
Colorado.   Paul Harvey was attending The 2000 Medal of Honor
convention in Pueblo, also known as the "
Home of Heroes".  This
city had four living Medal of Honor recipients until two of the
recipients passed away just prior to the convention
Dr. Anselmo F. Arellano, retired professor from
Highlands University, and other guests listen to
Ruben  Archuleta's
Penitente presentation  
during a book signing at Highlands University in
Las Vegas, NM
Former Colorado Attorney General, U.S.  Senator, and
Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, wrote  the
foreword for Ruben Archuleta's book,
Land of  the
Penitentes Land of Tradition.     He is speaking at
Archuleta's 2003 book signing held at the Southeastern
Colorado Heritage Center in Pueblo, CO
Ruben Archuleta and Eppie Archuleta at the
CHAC gallery in Denver, CO.  Ruben and Eppie
signed his latest book,
Eppie Archuleta and The
Tale of Juan de La Burra. Eppie, a world
renowned weaver, displays some of her weavings
along with a pastel painting of her hands by
Pueblo West, Colorado artist. "T" Branson
Ruben and Eppie Archuleta at the 2004  Sangre
de Cristo Arts and Conference Center book
signing in Pueblo, Colorado. Ruben's wife,
also a weaver, helps with the events
Ruben talking with Michael J. Sheehan, Archbishop
of Santa Fe, at the Plaza in Santa Fe, NM.  The
Collected Works Bookstore hosted a book signing
event attended by numerous authors during Spanish
Market.  Ruben, Eppie and Archbishop Sheehan
signed books on Sunday, July 31, 2005
New Mexico State Representative, Nick Salazar,
stopped by to visit during Ruben and Eppie's book
signing at Tapetes de Lana Spinning Mill's grand
opening in Mora, NM on 26 August 2005
Archuleta with his Penitente book, Eppie Archuleta
with Ruben's book,
Eppie Archuleta and The Tale
of Juan de La Burra, and Charlie Carillo with his
A Tapestry of Kinship.  The winter issue of
Tradicion Revista
magazine recently gave the Eppie
Archuleta book a great review
Ruben holding his Eppie Archuleta book, Marta
Weigle with her book,
Women of New Mexico
and Paul Rhetts, publisher/managing editor of

Tradicion Revista
magzine holding Our Saints
Among Us
by Paul and his publisher/manager
partner, Barbe Awalt
Ruben and noted author Rudolfo Anaya at the 2007
New Mexico Book Awards Banquet in
Albuquerque.  Ruben's latest book
Renaissance was a finalist at the event
The late Father Thomas J. Steele with his book,
Santos and Saints
and Thomas Chavez who
Wake for a Fat Vicar with his late
uncle, Fray Angelico Chavez
Authors: Marianne Stoller, Charlie Carrillo,
Ruben Archuleta, and Marta Weigle at the
2007 Spanish Market book signing of
Ruben's book,
Penitente Renaissance, in
Santa Fe, New Mexico
New Mexico santero, Carlos Otero, Ruben, Pueblo
Diocese Bishop Arthur Tafoya and Ruben's crucifix
at the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center in Pueblo, CO
Catherine Robles-Shaw and Ruben with their
retablo and
sculpture work during a live
interview at KMGH studios in Denver, Colorado