Joan Archuleta Weavings
Besides weaving, Joan Archuleta was well
known in Pueblo West, Colorado for the
delicious rolls, cakes and pies that she baked for
Gabby's Restaurant.  Joan learned traditional
weaving from none other than world renowned
weaver, Eppie Archuleta.  Joan spent several
days with Eppie in Capulin, Colorado learning
traditional tapestry weaving on Eppie's
hand-made Rio Grande loom.
Eppie's Hands
This photo, taken by Joan, is dedicated to her mentor
and teacher, Eppie Archuleta
Eppie with one of the "quick" pieces that she wove
on Joan's travel loom during the "Treasures of the
San Luis Valley" exhibit at the Great Southwest
Gallery in Colorado Springs, CO
Joan with Eppie and one of Eppie's
weavings at Joan's Pueblo West home
Joan working on her handcrafted  "traveling" loom
during her weaving exhibition at the Rio Grande
Museum in Del Norte, CO during Founder's Day.
Eppie with the beautiful tapestry
that she made for Joan
Eppie Archuleta shows Joan the art of traditional
weaving while Eppie's dove observes
Joan's weaving studio.  This Rio Grande style
loom was handcrafted by Ruben and Joan
from scrap pallet wood and hardware they got
from Eppie's sister, Cordelia Coronado.
This "Traveling" loom is the second loom handcrafted by
Joan and Ruben.  Joan designed the loom so it would fit
through narrow doorways and the back of their small
pickup truck.  It can be taken apart by merely pulling out a
few wooden pegs.  The cog wheels are made from aged
oak and the stops are made from purple heart wood.
Some of Joan's weavings are
displayed in her living room
Joan  weaving during the Handweaver's Guild of Pueblo
"Weaving Bee" at the 2005 Colorado State Fair
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