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Orders will be filled upon receipt of payment.  Please make check or money order payable to:  

Ruben E. Archuleta

Please send the following:

I Came From El Valle  (Out of Print, check Amazon, etc.)
Quantity: __________  Cost Each: $14.95/USA   Subtotal: _______________
                                                                     Shipping : ______________
                                                                     Total 1: ________________
Land of the Penitentes, Land of Tradition
Quantity: ___________  Cost Each: $22.95/USA  Subtotal: ______________
                                                                      Shipping : _____________
                                                                      Total 2: _______________
Eppie Archuleta and the Tale of Juan de la Burra
Quantity: ___________  Cost Each: $24.95/USA   Subtotal: ______________
                                                                       Shipping: ______________
                                                                       Total 3: _______________
Penitente Renaissance, Manifesting Hope
Quantity:____________ Cost Each: $34.95/USA   Subtotal: ______________
                                                                       Shipping: ______________
                                                                       Total 4:  _______________
                                       Total 1 + 2 + 3 + 4______________

*Sales tax:  California residents please add 7.25% of total.
Shipping: US:  $4.00 for the first book (media rate) and $1.00 for each additional book.
         International:  $17.00 for the first book and $5.00 for each additional book.

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Please print, fill out form, and send form along with check or money order payable to:             
             Ruben E. Archuleta
             P. O. Box 7871
             Pueblo West, CO 81007