Tierra Amarilla (Ensenada), NM
Morada de San Rafael Archangel Dedication
August 13, 2006
On August 13, 2006 Hermano Rafael Gallegos' dream became a reality under the direction of Hermano Mayor,
Leo Rodela and the tremendous support of the community.  On this date the new
Morada de San Rafael
was dedicated by the Archbishop of Santa Fe, Michael Sheehan.  My wife, Joan, and I were
privileged to be
Hermano Rodela's guests and we participated in the preparation and serving of the food to
Hermanos, friends and relatives on this memorable occasion
Father Aragon looks at the
entrance of the morada where
chairs have been set up for the
Hermanos and guests who will be
attending the dedication
Father Aragon and Hermano Mayor
Leo Rodela preparing the altar for
the dedication
Hermano Mayor Leo Rodela and
Hermano Rafael Gallegos standing
beneath the crucifix sculpted by
Ruben Archuleta for the morada
The altar has been prepared for the
service and the dedication by Bishop
Archbishop Michael Sheehan,
Henrietta Montoya, and Ruben
Hermanos representing eleven New Mexico moradas
take part in the procession prior to the dedication of
the morada by Archbishop Michael Sheehan
Archbishop Sheehan conducts
services during the dedication
Archbishop Michael Sheehan and the Hermanos lead the
procession to the morada
Guests and participants wait
in line, anxious to feast on
the delicious New Mexican
cuisine prepared by families
and friends of the
Joan Archuleta serves a
piece of pie to Archbishop
Sheehan from the tasty array
of desserts that were