Saint Francis
13" cottonwood St. Francis,
hawk & coyote (sold)
8" aged, hollow
cottonwood St. Francis
with catlinite bird, $375
11" aged cottonwood St.
Francis  with rabbit
33" black walnut, catlinte bird, St.
Francis rosary, cedar base
15" aged cottonwood St.
Francis with eagle &
Coyote,  (sold)
15 " Cottonwood
St. Francis
10" Cottonwood St. Francis holding a dove,
turtle and rabbit on ground
14" Cottonwood St. Francis with
bible, hawk, rabbit, quail
St. Francis Stigmata relief
Black walnut
(not for sale)
34"x 12" black walnut St. Francis
relief with eagle and skull
23" x 11" Cottonwood
St. Francis relief with
eagle, coyote and dove