12" Our Lady of Guadalupe
aged cottonwood (sold)
12" Our Lady of Guadalupe
aged cottonwood,(sold)
14" x 28" Our Lady of Guadalupe
aged black walnut, $950.00
16" x 9" x 8" Cottonwood San Isidro; the
San Isidro kneeling, angel, plow and oxen are all
sculpted from one piece of wood (sold)
13" St. Joseph, painted
beetle-kill pine
9"x 13" cottonwood angel
18" x 22" Jesus praying in the Garden
Sold to the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center
13" St.Aloyisious Gonzaga,   
aged Russian Olive
14" San Luis Rey, painted
beetle-kill pine
10" San Gabriel angel, painted
beetle-kill pine (sold)
15" Cottonwood
San Pascual
(not for sale)
Small 11"x 16" death cart,
Dona Sebastiana, Sold
Large 32" Carreta de la Muerte (death
cart) cotton wood, ($2500.00)
13" St. Joseph, beetle-kill pine,
donated to Holy Rosary Church
4" assorted cottonwood
angels (sold)
12" St. Christopher, cottonwood
12" San Pascual, painted
beetle-kill pine
15" St. Joseph, aged hollow
cottonwood (sold)